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Hey Sweets....

I like Miranda's moniker for the year :)

Yep, I've been thinking along the lines of efficient action, wanting to hone in on the most important things I can do to improve my life, the household etc.

Good for you, for getting some of your 'trash' done! Atta Girl :)

Ooooh, I have a lot of trash to take out---time to make my list...

And a very happy new great to you and Glen! I have already started to take out the trash, believe it or not I am moving the atelier around to put some more storage space...sigh. Maybe this year I will have it all organized. I know, hope springs eternal here. And speaking of hope, we hope to see you soon. Let me know your schedule when you have a minute. Hugs


Hi Michelle!
I had never heard of that book. WOW...looks amazing. I think I may have to indulge!
Happy New Year dear!!!!!!!!

Kari's having a pretty cute swap over at artsymama- it made me think of you!

HI Michelle! My "take out the trash" list is pretty long but the first few things that pop in my head are: Find a new doctor and clean out all my closets!
Best to you in 2008! I'm thinking this year will be a good one too! xo natalea

Hanna is my home girl and I too want to order her book! Thank you for the link to Chip and the tidbits for cleaning up the life...It is sad that we only give ourselves a "do-over" on the first of the year, but I am determined to at least try...Hugs from Sweden!

What was the total money found!? I am going to start a list as well, but does it include coins found in the dryer, sides of the seat cushions or just outside the home?

I love all four of these ideas, in fact, I paused to write them down. Very good rules to live by.

Hi Michelle! Thanks for your cheers!

Wow, the last two posts were doosies.

I started a new notebook with all my goals that I could think of so far.

I have done a few things to take care of myself too. Tomorrow is another day!

Love to you and Happy New Year too!

See you soon!

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