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Well Merry Merry Christmas to you!! Your previous post has lovely pictures, I just love that place and have only been there once so you make me want to go back! Your low key Christmas sounds wonderfully relaxing. And thanks for the martini receipe!!

You Poor Dear!! Oh my, I'm sure Bastien is unaware of all the furor he created. Such a sweet face.

Hope your healing is quick (on your hands). It sounds like your emotional-spiritual healing is well on its way.

Love to the Glenster too :)

Awww, aren't you just the sweetest one to look at events this way. Bastian is lucky to live with such a kind mommy. I hope everyone heals quickly!

Poor Michelle! I am glad all is now well.


I'm happy that everythings fine now, your cat is so cute. You are right charge everything to experience.

What a beautiful cat he is, and I agree with you kittens are more fun to play with if their nails are recently cut! :-)

Oh, and happy new year!

Happy New Year! Bastien is adorable. What an ordeal.. glad you are recovering. All of these experiences make us super heroes.

Finally getting a computer moment after non-stop activity. Congrats to Miranda for that fabulous birthday experience! We've peered at that beach on our way to Hana---I bet that was such fun swimming by the light of the moon!! Thank you for the martini recipe---can't wait to try it. Ketel 1 is my preferred vodka too---for extra dirty martinis :) (love those olives...) So sorry about the cat-attack---they can be so stirred up they don't realize who they're ripping into when they're in fight-mode. It's so great you can find the good even in that episode! Wishing you a Happy New Year! Think mine will involve a lot of dust, as Brad's humming away in the dining room, pounding the walls...

I am breathless reading your story and well, (maybe) chuckling just a little, since all has turned out well. We have two boy cats, brothers, neutered of course and still naughty! Good luck with that! Thanks for visiting. Take a day off! You deserve it! Hello, work? I can't come in today. I've been attacked by a kitten!

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