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...And a very Merry Christmas to you, my dear sweet sister. I loved the pictures and got a little teary-eyed seeing Daddy's marker again. It looks beautiful with the flowers....thank you for doing that. Just had the whole fam damily over for Christmas Eve celebrations - much fun and much good times. Enjoy your martini's (yummers!!), DVD's and cozyness with Mr. G and assorted furry ones (the cats, not Mr. G). Love ya!!

Merry Christmas, Shellster! The photos are splendid and seeing Daddy's marker on your blog makes me feel like I'm there, each time you display it - thanks ever so!
It has been a crazy few days here as Nate and I have been united over and over again in San Jose with his family gathering from Milwaukee, San Diego and the OC. I heard about Simone's wonderful gathering and was happy to hear that Nicole joined in with some home-baked pumpkin pie action.
I'm home alone now preparing for the possibility of company later today as Nate and his brother may be joining here sans kids, for snacks, a movie, and warm-up for their 24-hr Reno getaway tonight. Glad I'm not going!
I'm looking forward to quiet relaxation time and plans for new year beginnings!!!
Love You!

Michelle- Happy Holidays to you and hope your mom-sitting went well. I played with your lovely swap gifts again tonight. I can't stand it any longer-I think I will blog about them next. But, if you do a Mermaid swap, I'll plug it then too!

Merry Christmas, Michelle!! I'm back now with a new blog too! Don't forget to stop by for a visit. :)

Oh! Your White Stag sign is making me homesick. Next time I'm back, I'm determined to get my own photo of it!

Hope you had a blessed Christmas. Best wishes for the coming year!

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