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I'm SO glad you're having fun AND catching up on sleep! How perfect is that.

Hi to Mom :)

Notice how Santa's right hand is about to punch the deer in the gut, while bracing her with his left hand. Smooth move Santa, realllll smooooth!

How nice to hear all of what I missed out on! Even so, it felt good to be back home with my job and my honey pie. SO glad you are having your turn with our Momma and making sure she steers her way clear of the vortex. And I love the photo of Santa and Rudolph...funny I don't recall them ever looking quite so cute! Love you and see you soon!

what beautiful pictures, and how funny that the rock is missing. i didn't hear anything about a tornato in pasa robles! sounds blissful...

If rock is rolling, Chuck Berry is on the radio.

Michelle, it looks like you are having a wonderful, peaceful time. Probably "just what the Dr. ordered" for both of you.


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