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What fun! We set up our tree in the living room and it looks and smells great. Mmmmm, piney! Good times with great freinds.

Hurray!! Thanks so much Michelle, I will email you my address.


Ah, the Christmas Tree Hunt in the rain---so Oregon! We're probably going to go hunt ours next weekend, after miss E gets home from UO. Gee, I wonder if it'll rain?! Ha! What a fun wet weekend you had---braving the outdoors---the beer fest looks like a good time too! We'll have to look for Widmer's Hallucinator, if they bottle it---always up to trying something new!

Wow, those trees look absolutely perfect. Can't wait to see yours decorated!

Michelle!!!! Do you hear me squealing?? I guess this is why we have blog friends- so we can't just dial them up and start shrieking nonsense into their ears. I LOVE the stuff you sent. It is BY FAR the best swap I have ever received (sorry to any swappers reading)! But it is true. I just keep looking at it, and haven't even opened all the bags yet. And, the only reason I didn't post a comment of good wishes to your mom was because I didn't want to seem greedy since you said you were sending me a similar package! I thought that's just what you were kept saying how you were having troubles finding things-silly girl! Anyway, I don't see how we can post photos (althought I am going to!) because everyone is only going to want YOU YOU YOU in any swap! Thanks again. My head is swimming with ideas of stuff to make...I'll keep you posted (no pun intended).

Oh my! a real tree! You know what I mean, LOL! Looks lovely and I am delighted to hear that you Momma is well on her way to go dancing.

What do you think of this crazy weather we are having? We hope the weather is going to be good for traveling and that you have a safe journey. Looking forward to go out for Chinese when you get back. Hugs from here,


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