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Hello Michelle! I so enjoyed visiting here with you on your travels! I had no idea there was such a grotto in Portland! It is magnificent, and I can see why it would be such a special place to set the tone for the new year and to join in with the thousands who have lit a candle and prayer in this beautiful place. I loved the images of Miranda and her stocking and wish for those of you at home this year that those extra zzzz's are as special with such memories to hold dear! Enjoy being with your family dear, and love to all of you too!

love that grotto tradition - it sounds lovely...

happy holidays to you and yours...

xo x- eb.

I'm so happy that you were able to drop in and share some of your traditions! I'm glad that you are able to have this time with your family. Enjoy!


Your traditions sound so lovely. The grotto... yes... beautiful! So glad you are able to have some time with your family. Enjoy it! Thanks you for sharing your holiday traditions and being a part of the celebration!
Merry Christmas...

Have lots and lots of fun, Sweetie! Such precious moments are these, when you get to be with your beloved family. Talk to you on the Flipside!

And a special Hello to Glen the Husband, who's all by his lonesome!

Paso Robles? Some of my mosaic confections are for sale at the Firefly Gallery there. I've never been to Paso Robles, but I hope to someday soon!
Thank you for sharing pictures and have a very Happy Holiday!
P.s. Great name you have! lol!

Help! I'm starving here! I can't get my Hot Pockets out of the plastic wrapper thingie, and the ring busted offa my puddin' cup! And the cats won't share their kibble! Bwaaahhh!
Today we had a few hours of snow flurries here in Beaverton, so I called Michelle and described it to her. Tom, Atticus and I are being very brave without Michelle to entertain us. Atticus tries to cuddle me at night but I don't think I have the good s quite like Michelle! He leaves after a short visit. Oh well.
I watched football today with neighbors Wayne & Becky down the street (those who know me may stop GASPing now.) Thank the Gods they have beer to make football almost tolerable.
I have the Bravo Three Flying Club holiday party to look forward to this Thurs, and Lou and Jan across our back fence are having a get-together next Sunday so I'll have some fun too.
All is well and I know Michelle is enjoying a much needed break and visit with her peeps.
Love you ShellShell, say hi to my in-laws! Bring back some good Zins!

I was at the Grotto just this past summer, for the first time. Made a fast visit last week to the area but could not get there so have missed the chance to see the Christmas beauty of The Grotto. I'll be lighting a candle in spirit with you.

You're in my old neck of the woods, Paso Robles. We actually live more near Pismo Beach but had friends in Atascadero and Paso. My husband and I were just driving back from Monterey last weekend and through Paso and we both commented how we miss the Vine Street Victorian Showcase. It's so much fun . Did they still have the Grinch from the upper balcony of a house? This was one of our yearly events to do with a a group of friends and a warm mug of hot buttered rum. Glad you're spending time with family.

Hi Michelle! Thanks for sharing your traditions with us! So nice! Happy Holidays!! xo natalea

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