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WOW these birdies turned out great! The potatoe stamp is way cool! Your packaging rocks! Have so more fun and a safe and fun trip home!

i love those little calling birds--they're so sweet! can't wait until monday! yay!

How cute! What a great project!

Hi Michelle, Thanks for your comment on my blog. Those birdies came out great. What a creative idea! Your journey sounds like fun.

So, so pretty, your birds that come a'calling. And the packaging too! Enjoy your journeying!


Michelle and Renee thank you so much and it was such a pleasure meeting the both of you! That was so much fun! The birds are so DARN cute!!!

you did *great* the "limited supplies" that filled up your car, heehee. that was so cool to use a potatoe! i would have never thought of that. simple and fabulous, love it! glad your Mom is doing well and...grapefruit martinis? delish!

OK- on my New Years Resolution, # 2 (right behind loose 10 pounds) is be more creative, like MICHELLE!!!
These turned out so cute...I often think I would like to join a swap like this but you guys are too good for me. I'll settle for looking at all of the dreamy pictures of the goodies! I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

OK- I cheated, I opened your up package today- and I love the swap gift!! It's hanging up on my wall. I hope you received mine and enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!

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