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She is certainly in my prayers!

My dad got a new hip about 5 years ago and he is really happy that he went through with it. Your mom will do great!

I'll go to bed with her in my prayers and wake up thinking about her.
I know she is hip, she yours

I will be thinking and praying for your mom, Michelle. Like Sharon said, she must be hip if she spawned you!

I don't think anybody could be happier and be wishing better thoughts for your Mama right now than I am. I think I am about 5 years behind her on the Hip Wish List!
All will be good! She will be up & dancing with you by Christmas Eve! Hey! You can teach her the Soldja Boy dance!

Wishing your Mom nothing but the best and a speedy recovery just in time to help you celebrate the holidays!

Very clever and very SWEET of you, my super hip sister. I can't wait to see Mom this Sunday when I will be going to stay at her JOINT for a couple of days.

Hope she's pain free, and doped up happily moving into recovery now!!

She's in my prayers!

very best wishes for your Mom - Hip Hip Hooray! - new hips - some days I'd like a new pair - just gotta do the right thing... and - Happy Birthday!

xox - eb.

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