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Super fabulous Bella post! It was so great to meet you and hang out. It looks like everyone is ready to sign up for next year.

Great pix, Shaweetie-Pie! Love the hat ones :)

you took some great pictures! I started getting sad last night unpacking my bags, but it cheers me up seeing these pictures and remembering all the fun we had!

sounds wonderful...

You are so funny and cute! I am enjoying all this! Just registered for Art & Soul - VA today. Also, Kari is so photogenic, isn't she!

I love all the pictures esp. the postcard one w/all those beautiful jewelries. I feel like I am right there w/you, Lilli and Kari. Great pictures, so much fun! Love the story behind it too

I'm loving these updates! Oh the suspense to wait for your next post...! Wish I had been there too...sigh.

Love your pictures! It was so much fun...I can't believe it!

Sounds like such a spectacular time!!!! So much fun looking at the pictures.....

it was such a dream weekend - it was wonderful! And I am SO glad I got a chance to hang out with you and get to know you!

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