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Hey Cutie-Pie....I'm grateful for YOU! Look for some flowers to mysteriously appear at your door on Friday!


Happy Thanksgiving Michelle!!!!


Tell David I will triple his money for the binder!! lol! They look awesome - thank goodness for scanners.
Happy BD to you -mine is next Thurs! Another thing in common.
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

Shell Shell got some purdy flowers from the far-flung land of Canadia! Woo-who!

No thanksgiving here, but we are extremely grateful for each other, mommy being able to blog and be creative and the fact that there is sweetpotato pie and turkey for dinner on Sunday!!! Have a great time in the PJ's and hugs to you on your Birfday!!!

ps...I collect scraps! I had no idea you liked them or I coulda sent you some!!!!

Love the images! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday Girl!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you're having a wonderful day:)
Cheers to YOU!

Happy belated Thanksgiving and I hope you had a great Birthday! Thank you for being a great friend!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!! Sorry I missed it! {{Hugs!}}

Hey, I didn't know it was your birthday until I saw that little snippet! What a binder! And who's that other Gina?? Just love visiting your blog. Sending all my Mermaid friends over....Happy Birthday!!

Gina S.

happy thanksgiving!!!!

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