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Happy Birthday to your MOm and speedy recovery and am glad she is doing well!

the hippest/happiest birthday wishes go out to you dear momma! May you soon be up dancing a jig...especially if you didn't know how to before!!


i would like the blue/green pack

Happy Birthday to your precious Mama! Fill her sight with your happy face, and I know it will be well for her.

Whoops, I like the blue/green.

I hope that your Mama has a wonderful Birthday! May all her wished and hopes for the next year come true! I like orange/pink!

Wishing your sweet Mom a very Happy Birthday and hoping she goes home very soon!

Happy Birthday Momma. Wishing a quick recovery for you.
When it comes to candy, I'm not picky. How do you think I got this size.

THis is neat - the 29th is my BD too! Happy Birthday to your Mom and a speedy recovery.

I like both packs- surprise me!


Looks like I stopped by at just the right time!

Happy Birthday Dear Momma!! Glad to hear she's doing well. Cheers:)
Please put my name in the hat for the yummies.
Take care,

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