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Happy Birthday Michelle!!!!

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you!!! What a big post and a lovely bunch of tasty treats!!

Honey, are you finished editing this post yet? You minty mint-tea is ready!

Look at all the swag you got girlfriend! Whoo hooo! I'm glad that you were able to spend Thanksgiving more or less the way you wanted to. Also happy that Miranda has her spider bite under control. That's very scary.

And I forgot, when we met in the elevator, that the other thing we have in common is Atticuses! I have a Scout too! But they're dogs.

Happy belated Birthday!


Sounds like you had a perfect weekend and happy birthday :)

You must have been an awfully good girl!
BTW, this is the first time I've seen that Mermaid journal link- oh my goodness-how gorgeous! Wouldn't a Mermaid book be perfect for Art & Soul Hampton By the Sea- I'm going to have to start something if no one else does.

Happiest of Birthdays to you!

Happy belated birthday Michelle. So happy you were able to spend Thanksgiving the way you wanted in your PJ's. Sounds nice!

Happy Belated Birthday Michelle!!
And I'm glad you had a nice, relaxing T-Day!!
xo natalea

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxed Thanksgiving. After ArtFest and Silver Bella I'm sure you needed some down time. Have a great holiday season.

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