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I wish you a great trip! Your topic for this week at Studio Friday, really tickled my inspiration. Thanks! See you when you back, I guess. Have a great time and bring back plenty of new inspiration!

I see by the looks of it, the party here is going with you cowgirl!

It is FINALLY here adn I am just as excited as you are! Have a GREAT time and please take lots of photos!

PS!!! YEE HAW!!!!

Wishing you an absolutely fabulous time!!! Look at that stowaway in your luggage! Such a cutie!

YAY, I got one of your beautiful ATCs....I love how you packaged them and your charms were SO adorable. I so wish I would've done that swap but there's always next year (I got to see all of Heather's charms since she did both swaps and I was totally drooling!!).

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