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OMG what amazing projects and treasures! I'm so jealous! Looks like a mind blowing good time was had!

GoodnessGraciousMeOhMy! What a lot of inspiring pix, Ms.Geller! So much loveliness crammed into one event :)

this is all too great for you!!! love all the piccies....means I can kinda feel like I have been...

You made me homesick for Silver Bella! Great photos. Great weekend!!!

Such great pictures girlfriend! And such great descriptions. Loved your tag! Next year maybe I'll be more adventurous and join other swaps as well! Must say that I had an awesome moment in the elevator when you thought you knew me from another retreat and it was really from my blog. So cool.

You girls has SOME fun!!! Loving all the pics of you and the others and the work!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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