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gorgeous stuff. you are so lucky to have found those games!and as always, your creations are beautiful! have fun at silver bella!! (duh.)

SWEET MARY!!!! Your Goodwill finds!!! Mama mia- how fantastic!! Not to say your Silver Bella things aren't nice... lol But those cards!!

Well well, our Portland girl sure has been busy!!! It all looks great!

See you in 3 days! Eeeeee!!!

OMGosh, I love those boots!!! What fun goodies you've made---as usual :). Have a great week, and don't forget to pack some bandaids for heel blisters (what happens when I wear shoes my feet aren't used to...)

Molly sent me over here to check out your blog...I've been lurking for a bit and must say you are one talented chica!
Nice job on the ATC's and trade goodies!!! LOVELY!! As much as I'd love to join in on the Bella fun, I'm going to brave it at attend ArtFest this year. Have a great time...I'll check in for Bella details...Make sure you check out sweet Amy's booth at vendor night (InspireCo) she's been working her fanny off preparing all her cool stuff!

Take lots and lots and lots of pictures for those of us stuck at home. Have a fab-u-loso timeo in the great town-o! Your trades look awesome, how do you do it all lady, how do you do it?!?!?! Let me know how it goes!

You are just so sparkly and positive! I love that! The ATC's are perfectly great. I can't keep up with you, although I do try. Have fun, well, I guess you don't really need me to tell you that. Will look forward to what you post when you get back.

WOW, I so wish we would have signed up for the same swaps! Yours turned out terrific! And red boots? Pl-ease!!! Love them!!!

Michelle, those ATC's are fabulous! I'm so glad I signed up for that swap! Actually, all your goodies are great! And the red boots, well those are just "HOT"! Look forward to meeting you! I know, I know, you'll be the bella with the red boots! Hmmm, wasn't there a book called "The Red Boots Diary"?

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