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How come you didn't show me your 'goody attic' when I was over? I'm sure you must have one, Harry Potter-style, wherein you keep all these treasures.

The house I lived in when I was in Ontario, had a garage, the door of which was always shut to conceal a whole mess of junk. One day the father of one of my younger students told me she was convinced that my garage was stuffed floor-to-ceiling with instruments! Isn't that cute? Every time they pulled up to my house, they would discuss which instruments were likely piled up in there.

So glad to hear that Miranda's having a great time :)

You've come into some fun stuff lately! Oh, and I got boo'd too in my neighborhood! Isn't that a fun game :)

Ooooh, what fun---getting Boo'd! Since we rarely get any kiddos here on Halloween, I might just have to boo some friends---they used to bring their little girls over so we could ooh & aw over their costumes, but since they moved out of the neighborhood they don't come by any more :(, so maybe I'll boo them :). Cute, cute, cute other goodies you have too! Hearing about Miranda in Kihei I can just visualize what she's doing since we were there a few years back :). Such fun for her!

I'm so glad you enjoyed your little Kyle. Hope you find poor Bunion! :)

Oh wow--i've never heard of this booing trend and it's a little late for this year--but what a fun thing-i'll have to start it up myself next year!
and thanks for the advice about cats and felicia's treasures. I know it's only a matter of time before i buy one of her cuddly little friends!
love lilli's sweet witch too.

Doesn't Felicia have the cutest creatures! I have a little mouse too and it also was very popular! Glad Miranda is doing well in Hawaii!

I just got boo'd tonight it is 10:36 pm and a week before halloween i think that is a really good idea!!

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