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TeeHeee! I got a photo of you and Glen at McMenamin's! You guys look so cute. But generally, we were quite remiss about taking pix.

So, you must be up to your eyeballs in Inspiration after all your fabulous classes!


WOW! You got a lot done! And you took so many classes. The charms and bracelet are very nice! I loved Juliana's classes! I took two. Those are the ones I would do again. I think every time you take them the results would be different because you the person would be in a different mood with different ideas swirling around your head.

And I love how your colorful journal turned out. Ah, it is nice to finish something...

Wow- everything looks so fantastic! Is that a jj bird on your charm bracelet? Looks oddly familiar...

Wow, wow, what a color filled post! Your bracelet looks so cool---the pages & journal are amazing! What fun! Enjoy these last few days w/your baby---reminds me of the week before Miss E left for college last month... "oh, you want me to help you pack? Sure I'll drop what I'm doing. Oh, you want to go shopping? I'm there! Oh, you're going to be here for dinner? Let's have something you love!...." *sigh...

WOWEEE!! You have been a busy, busy, busy artist!! Your stuff looks amazing! are so sweet. Glad you are almost done with that bracelet and so happy you liked the class. xoxo Lisa

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