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Mmmm. lots of orange around here these days---4 pumpkins, halloween decor, & a box of satsumas too! As soon as I saw these on sale, I had to get a box for us & another to drop off at my little girls dorm! Truly holiday season when the satsumas appear :). Love 'em!

.....mmmmm mandarin oranges, I love 'em but usually only get them for Christmas.

Yea, I am getting some of those oranges tomorrow!

Yum! Those drinks sound delish! Pumpkin anything sounds good around this time of year.


where in california are you going to be?
so sorry to miss the point but i read that and was like..ooh, maybe i'll have the chance to meet Michelle in person!
it sounds like you'll be very busy but if you're in the bay area, i'd love to hang out for lunch!

That Odawalla drink sounds seasonally delicious! Yeah for Orange!!

oh man i had some of that pumpkin stuff! soo yum!

oh man i had some of that pumpkin stuff! soo yum!

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