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hey, i want a charm from Deryn! dang your lucky! your bracelet looks really sweet! take a picture of you wearing it!

Your charms rock! What a great idea to use scrabble tiles as a base.

The bracelet is so special. So many women, so much art...all on your cute little wrist :)

The charms are so beautiful!!! I can't wait to start the round robin w/you, love all the things you give me. You and Lilli are inspiring me and am loving vintage things now!

OMG!! Your charms are great! And I totally know what you mean about having lots of supply X, but still needing to go out and shop around for the perfect X to complete a project. Guilty of that, oh yes I am! I can't tell how many charms you made, but it looks like a lot. What fun to create all of those!

And that charm bracelet! Wow! What a special piece to wear. If you get a chance, I would so love to see some close-up shots of your beautiful bracelet - there is just so much going on, I'd love to see more of the gorgeous details :)

the charm is fabulous, you started with a scrabble tile? how cool is that. i just stumbled onto your blog - it's lovely.

Wow! Amazing charms lucky girl you!

gorgeous stuff! i can't wait to see more!!

OMG! What wonderful stuff! I got ecxcited just reading about your trip and your charms and all. What a gorgeous charm collection! My soldering gun is still in the package. I am thinking about Art and Soul in VA in May. Realistically, without hotel and travel and food, so just reg. and classes and supplies, how much would you say it should cost? I just have no idea, and I got to plan NOW! Can't wait to read more! Gina

Thanks so much for swapping with me Michelle. It was so lovely to meet!

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