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Very cool frame that you did for the Taco salad gang (I love that!) Can't wait to read about the adventures for the Silver Bella for you and Lilli and Kari. Have tons of fun! Happy Halloween!

As usual..everything looks fantastic!! Thank you for sharing these treats! :)

OK, miss smarty pants, that picture thingy is just incredible. That will go down for my "inspiration of the day". Yep, I'm puttin it in my Inspiration Journal.

I'm still waiting for my Moo cards to arrive, but coming from England, they're allowed to take a while.

LOVE that taco salad memorial frame thingy!

Can you believe it's only 7 days now? Eeeeeeeee!!!

I am so excited about your excitement. I know you will have a wonderful time on your trip, and will come home not only more inspired, but more inspiring to everyone around you (yeah, like it's even possible that you could become MORE inspirational??).

I always love looking at all your goodies and the things you've made. I adore the charms, and of course my favorite is the one with Mommy! :-)

AHHHH....I am officially missing you and your blog...I have been very out of touch lately and am loving catching up!!!
have a wonderful time at silver bella!!!

Your charms look awesome! I want to try that sometime - love her book too.


Michelle! Six days left to SB!! yay!!!
I love how you "ringed" up the MOo Cards! Can I copy you and do the same? I keep wondering how to keep my little collection of Moo Cards together and that's a great way! I'm excited to get more and give out mine too!
We'll be in Omaha soon! have a good weekend! xo natalea

Gorgeous--your charms, your villages, and especially your spirit of cooperation with & encouragement of other artists.

OK, seriously, you are too lucky...a piece of Lisa Kaus art and a class by Sally Jean- a woman after my own heart! Your charms turned out so beautiful. I love the piece you made for your taco salad buddy,I bet she wanted to transfer back after she received it!

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