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Ohhh, my dear Michelle....I can relate to how you's a happy time, yet there is a part of you not there, and you feel it with every breath. Your "arrow" has landed on a beautiful piece of this earth, and she is a very resourceful and capable young woman. She will be fine, you will be fine. I love you....

Yay, she's having Fun! I would LOVE to be eating the best avocado I've ever tasted! So happy for her :)

Hugs to you as you and Glen adapt to this latest stage in parent-hood! Miranda is going to have so much fun!!!

I would LOVE to spend time with you and Glen. Any couple who would rent AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE is my kinda people. My favorite lyric from that movie, as the Machine bore down on the populous?
"...I like your Booty, but I'm not Gay...."
...who in the world thinks UP that stuff???!!!

Lifting my glass to you and the New Parent-Zone. Come on in, the water's just Fine....

Lisa H.

There goes your heart walking around outside your body enjoying herself in Hawaii. You've done your job well.

I'm just sitting here now thinking about how it would feel if it was me...

take care

Oh but what a fun place to go visit! Would love to hear what she's doing there...I need to catch up here, maybe you've already shared that.

OMG, sounds like Heaven for Miranda, I am glad that she is already enjoying it already and you got to spend time w/your lovely daughter.

Back to Reality? Well that's no fun! :>)

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