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these fatbook pages are extremely artistic and creative!
I love the page done by Linda Schultz~

Good Grief, what goodness to behold.

That standby button thing happened to Steve too! He was helping a friends of ours set up her new computer, and somehow he hit the standby button on the modum. He was there for hours before he figured it out!

Those fatbooks really are treasures!

YES! My eyeballs are filled this morning!! I LOVE these!!! So inspiring!

Beautiful books!!

Speaking of embarassing computer glitches, was trying to set up my new hard drive after the not-that-old-one broke in Aug, and was having a terrible time getting the internet hooked up, so called tech support & the kindest fella was doing all he could to help me out... I'd ckd all connections etc, but about 1/2 hr. into our phone help I looked again & didn't have the modem plugged into my computer---can you say red-face?! Happily, we both laughed, he was thrilled to find an easy solution & we both went on our merry ways....

Oh, these books are stunning! How fun for you!

And who knew there even was such a thing as a "standby" button?!

chunky goodness, makes me so happy to look at! i love them all! spectacular!

MIss you, too dear! The fatbooks are just simply beautiful. What a treasure that you have there. All talented ladies!

Wow--gorgeous. I just bought an awesome raven stamp at Collage the other day and Linda Rodgers' page reminded me of it. Must make time today to play!

So did the ArtiTextural book have a subsidiary bird theme, or it just work out that way? Either way, it's absolutely stunning.

These are fabulous!!! Love the birdie pages!!

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