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Now, that is quite a haul! What fun!

Wow, awesome vintage things, that is too cool! I'm going to check out her etsy now!

Lucky You! That looks like great fun to go through all those goodies.

And that cute tin is just like the one I bought in Ontario two summers ago.....

Now we're twins :)

All I can say is good grief! You can settle in for the winter with all those supplies.

sweet mary!! what an eye popping post today!

What beautiful treasures :)


The last 3 posts were awesome! I love your charms and all of yours look so neat on the bracelet. Now I know what I have to be on the lookout for now for artfest!
The fatbooks are so cool! I so can't wait till I get the artfest one too! And todays haul - I love all the gold stuff too and I'm a sucker for old paper too - you never can have enough!
Have a good day,

How COOL! Originals are SO fantastic to can copy them forever and just love the different look. You are so lucky! I love the trinkets and cabinet card frame most...

Oh my gosh!! Lucky girl!

Oooooh!! Ahhhhh!! Wonderful goodies!!

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