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You are very very welcome, Sweetie. You deserve it all, and much more!

How nice of Julie! How Randomly Wonderful :)

P.S. The orange towel is a tea towel, colorful enough to stand up to your colorful fiesta ware :)

Hi Michelle- well, you've been a good girl I guess with all the RAKs! I am so enjoying your Art and Soul posts. I am hoping to go to Hampton, VA A&S. Did you remember we were going to do a swap? Will you be ready anytime? I am starting to solder charms and well as am collecting 4 x 4 pages and 4 x 8 pages and ATCs. Let me know what you think! Gina

Thank you for the lovely reminder to be sweet to each other. You are blessed to have such wonderfl friends.

Love your bag! BTW, there's a nice use of the words "hold dear" at

I love that bag! What a great piece of personal art to have with you always!!!

Love to see all of your beautiful items you got from such beautiful people. Melissa :)

Mmmm, lovely goodies, lovely friends, lovely post!

What fabulous new treasures. Love that bag too!

The bag turned out really well and look at all those awesome stuff from Ms. Lilli!

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