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OW, OW, and OWIEEE!!! Poor thing, hope she's feeling better soon, and you too! Mommy pains are almost as bad as the real thing!

Oh no! Well, I thought about it for a long time and I decided when my kids were little that if they got hurt like that and they could take it I would rather not be there when it happened. I could easily pick up the pieces when I did get there. But now, I guess since I've been reading about Miranda, these little accident scenarios keep popping into my mind. It IS hard to not be there and I think it would be harder for me because there was nothing I could do about it. Well, I can't think about it anymore, but I'm hooked and I want to find out how it all goes.

I love that song too, and it has been one of my favorites since I was 12.

Oh your baby...I know she will be OK because she is such a big girl and on a big journey about life. But that doesn't make your pain any less. I know.

I also know that this c journal spread is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Everything about it is just splendalicious!

Poor Miranda!!! My jaw literally dropped when I read her friend had to open the door----owowowowowow!

Lovely circle journal page tho---sweet song!

Ouch!!!I have never had that happen but I have had to be the one to open the car door when my son slammed his finger in it. Ouch!!! I hope she is feeling better soon.
Love your contribution to the circle journal. Beatles are one of my favs, this is a great song, very powerful stuff!

oh poor miranda!i had that happen to me once--not fun. but if it has to happen, it's best to have it happen in hawaii! i LOVE that you wrote a thank you letter to the beatles! i once wrote a fan letter to madonna. on a totally unrelated note: )

Sorry about Amanda! I hope she will feel better soon. I love that song! The Beatles are one of my favorite group (they have some really awesome songs)

That very thing happened to me when I was 15 leaving a taxi cab...I don't remember my exact words, but I am sure it was something to that effect, LOL!!!
I lurves the Beatles, too!

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