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You're so funny, Ms.Upbeat! I feel so lucky to go to ArtFest with you :)

sounds like a perfect weekend :0)

Love the cocoa fork, Daddy's marker, and Gary's webpage btw.

I know your art festing is going to be the best!
Can't wait to read about it. Have funsies.

Oh, my your blog is just filled w/beautiful things as always. Love that dessert w/that cocoa fork, that is too cool! I also love the envelope you have embellished, wow! Yay, that Lilli will be your room mate!!!

You had a beautiful weekend. What an artful dessert. I hope I remember to do that sometime. I too had an ARTfull weekend and I missed you.

So many good things to be thankful for, missy! I'm totally going to remember that dusted fork thingy the next time I whip up something other than hot chocolate that uses cocoa.
So seriously, are BOTH those desserts on that ONE plate yours? Heh heh... that is so totally a Smoochie thing to do! Did you crop the Mimosa out? tsk tsk.

What a great holiday weekend! We spent ours 1/2 playing 1/2 working---all good :).

sounds like a fun~fun weekend! so funny that we ran into each other at Michaels the other day! it still blows my mind that i read your blog for months while probally passing you in the parking lot at Michaels on a regular basis the whole time before we figured it out. dude. 2.5 miles away. whoa...(think i watched bill&ted too much during my developmental years?)anyway, see ya sunday!

Artfest!! Woo hoo - here we come!


Your blog always makes me so happy. :) Daylight moons, cocoa forks, even a tombstone that brought a smile to my face. Totally the place to be.

Maybe I'll run into you on a shopping trip someday!

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