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those baby buttons are adorable! and the dresses? so, so beautiful!

Wowza! Love your sweet lil' dresses! I'm very impressed :)

Your new goodies are scrumptious. You must be running out of space in your craft room by now!

What pretty dresses! Look out, Vera Wang!

these paper dresses are fabulous & world's cutest!!!
I evne love the back a lot! you doodled each back ? they look like stamped image at first sight! you are amazing!! I love them!

You go girl....let that creative talent just keep flowing. I just love all the detail you do in all your projects, and even down to the envelopes. You ROCK!

Wow! Amazing little dresses---love how you have them displayed with clothespins! They'd be the sweetest banner :). Just beautiful!!

Oh such fabulous buttons to add to your collection. The vintage dresses turned out Great and I hear you about not being able to leave anything blank and decorating the backs as well. The little touch of lace in the dresses adds so much.

Melissa :)

what a super load of buttons!, can't wait to see what you will be doing with them! your dresses are really professional looking!

Eep! What goodness! Lovin' the buttons and those cute little dresses!! And I just LOVE how you always finish the backs of things. Such a nice way to finish projects off and give them that extra special dose of love and care :)

i think it's wonderful to be an overachiever, i like that about you! makes everything see finished.

Elizabeth is a pretty awesome swapper, we had our own little swap also and she spoiled me too!

woo~hoo for sunday!

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