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Those are lovely memories. It's so cool that something so subtle as weather can take you right back :)

So much goodness here! Love the charm and domino pendants - so cool! And those moo cards with the cute creatures are just adorable!

I'm so glad the rain is drizzling here again - was a bit tired of hot, hot, hot! And of performing dramatic rescues on the sun-baked lawn reviving it back from a near death state :)

My boys are little right now and I'm loving all the walks to school, special lunches we make together and little art projects we do. I know they'll grow up one day, but I hope they don't grow up too fast :)

Michelle- you are so kind- this is the first time I actually got to see your comments about me and my stuff-thanks! More importantly, thanks for the charm-just got it today-Monday-and I just got home at 8 p.m.-first or second thing I do is always look at the mail!! So cute. I hope to blog about it tomorrow. I can't decide where I am going to put it- these could be key chains too. I just got a very 3D 'G' ATC with a hanging wire, and I may attach it to that and keep the 'G' thing going. I thought you did a good job wrapping the wire loop on the bead- I am not very good at that. Thank you so much and fun swap! Let's swap ephemera sometime!

It's lovely that you took the time to slow down during those girly days, so that you have these fond memories. i am working on slowing down...thanks for the reminder: )

those were the days....but we still do that anyway. just without the school part. goodwill and noodles?

Ha! I love that you have an "embarrassing" list of the millions of things you like to collect! I'm with you on that one! I don't think there's enough time in the day to list all the things I obsess over and want to hunt out and flea markets etc! It's good to know we're not alone! xo natalea

What nice goodies your mailman brings! Thank you for sharing your memories w/us, it is great to know your story.

yummy post, all cozy and filled with goodness, i love that! aunt owned Teddy Bear's Picnic...I forgot about that place!!!!!

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