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Comments bootiful :) Love the wedding pie

Looks like a wonderful weekend.... but I may never forgive you for the accidental click on a link to RR... I will forgive you since I adore you, but a slip up like that can't happen again :) love and kisses
Martha Jr.

Like that you're giving Nutshell another chance---new places sometimes need a bit of time to iron out their wrinkles! The wedding looked like a happy one! I think my cousin had pie at his wedding too but we were so full of food I didn't have any! (tho I did have a teensy bit of homemade ice cream...) We spent Sat. at a park too---a memorial party for one of my best friends Daddy---fabulous party, great people, beer & snacks, best way to have a "funeral" ever!! Told Brad it's how I want it too :). Almost another weekend! Have another great one :).

I really like the card you have made for those fun couple! they look like a very fun couple, love that.

Hi Michelle, visited Andrea's site to see all the fun stuff you 2 found.

Love those letters and such from 1888!! wow!!

awesome blog.~nita~

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