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I believe in things that happens for a reason and this is one of them for Miranda and you. Going through that change (very painful for you and Glen and of course, Miranda) but turned out for the best. Miranda really has come along way and am proud of her. She will love Hawaii!!! Goodluck, Miranda and always take care of yourself!

WOW, that is so powerful~ I struggle with making mine like me, instead of letting them become themselves. I am so happy that you guys have reached this good "place" and hope her journey will only continue her growth. (I'm sure there is a metaphor in here with all of that rain, you planting a seed and now watching her grow)Have a great week!

Oh Michelle, what a beautiful blog entry. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I needed this today. Wes moved to Brea this last Saturday and I have had a heck of a time "letting go". I thought I was fine, but Saturday night I realized I wasn't, and it's been a very emotional weekend for me. He was ready to move, but I wasn't ready for it. He basically hasn't even lived with me for the last couple of years, but knowing that he is so far away now is very difficult. I handled Casey's move to Portland much better than this, because frankly, he had you nearby, and he wasn't my "baby".

I know Miranda will be successful at every one of life's adventures that she takes on. You and Glen have raised a very beautiful, loving and capable "arrow", who will make each place she lands a better place. For as long as I have known her, I have always felt that she is destined for a full life; her soul is too "big" to be confined to one city, to one state, to one continent.

Very powerful quote. I immediately started thinking how I was going to use it.
And you are so brave. So is Miranda but in her youth she doesn't know any other way to be. Happy for all of you.

That passage is Amazing!!! It speaks to your maturity (you and Glen) that you are able to send Miranda off with full support and blessings and Joy without burdening her with needs and guilt. So many 'adults'/parents really haven't grown up, and they make their kids take a journey not their own.

How Exciting for Miranda! Good Luck, Sweetie :)

I read The Prophet many years ago, but never has it rung so profoundly as it does now. That is a fantastic tribute to your success as parents and archers. Thank you for sharing that.

I'm going to save this quote forever, thank you for sharing. I've been having a tough time with my strong willed 3 year old! I can't imagine what 13 or 17 will be like! I will have to wallpaper this to her bedroom door for me to read as she slams it in my face :)

I once wanted to move to Hawaii too, I'm glad she's going for it and that you're ok with it.

I love that book--the prophet. I love the picture of you and Miranda. She is so lucky to have you and Glen.
YOu know, my mom once booked a one way flight to hawaii. she didn't have a job lined up, a place to live, anything except for a car--which she had sent over in a boat.
She loved it! She stayed for seven years. Wonderful people, gorgeous.
Good for Miranda! I'll be cheering for her. Thanks for sharing this!

my Mom gave me that book a long time ago. I didnt get it then but in the last 10 years or so it sinks in more and more every time I read it. Your post made me tear up, you are such a great Mom, Miranda is a great kiddo and you guys are lucky to all have each other.

you made me cry! Not the passage from the Prophet, (which I remember reading years ago too) but all you wrote about Miranda... *sniff, sniff... She will love Maui---especially if she's never been! Growing up here you just don't swim in the when we went, it was my very first time swimming in the sea---it's magical! You are so good, and brave and are going about this in such a great way. Enjoy these next few weeks, they'll feel so precious with her as she gets ready for this new journey in her life. Sending you hugs!!

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