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Hi Honey you all ready to -- hey what the? You're still in your pajamas! have you been on this dang computer for what, seven hours straight? Thaty's it, this thing is going in the garbage!
(sounds of mayhem on PC follow....)


Now you've got ME feeling guilty for sitting on the computer for hours! What's wrong with THAT! I won't get any flack from Steve today because he's been computing too. His weaknesses are Overheard in New York, and YouTube.

Thanks for sharing all your nice treats with us :)

What fun stuff, my dear. LOVE the dress. Fabulous!!!!!!!!!

Wow, it is me in your post! I am so happy and feel special! :-) You are the best!

I enjoy your shopping route and checked those website! man, this really opens my eyes to what calls "supplies"!

PS Jenni Bowlin's bingo card is super cute!

what!? shopping without ME?!

you girls found some seriously good finds!

that emilia is the cutest thing ever and you are so nice to send her a treat!

how much fun you are having with all the swaps! good times.

"Now don't be bloggin' all morning and then get up when you hear my car!" Sheeshh...does he think I don't do anything else except....omiGOSH...gotta go! He's ho "

I would NEVER do this. Never! I am not crossing my fingers. That was, uhm, just a muscle cramp. Hahahahaha! I love it!

You and Glen talking about blogging are just TOO FUNNY! Fell off my chair giggling :)

Thanks so much for mentioning my little swap! I so appreciate it!! Love that pink dress you made - so very darling!

And ... OMG.. you find the coolest stores. I so need to plan a supply shopping trip to Portland :)

I often get so hung up blogging that I can go for a long spell as well! Love that Jenni B package and what good Goodwill shops you have to have found those goodies! I just received my first order from the Speckled Egg and I am SO hooked on it! I, too need to come shopping with you!

so funny! what lovely treats!

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