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I get such a kick out of you! I can't wait to meet you in real live person in a few days!



Hey Fly-Girl ! Gorgeous pix. I don't suppose you'd like to 'swing round' and pick me up next weekend, and fly me back home on Monday. Nope? Oh alright, I'll just have to drive then :)

We're taking the car in on Monday morning, to have our trusted mechanic explain the leaky radiator. Cross your fingers for us!

what fun!!the moon was fabulous this week so i bet you got a great view!

Hey Ladies, sorry I can't pick anybody up in the plane for two basic reasons:
1) The weather has gone to what we pilots call "crap";
2) Your tons of art supplies will overload my little airplane!
Have fun anyway!

Awesome pictures! Love the gorgeousness of the 2 of you! You and Lilli and Kari will have so much fun at the art & Soul!

That is SO wonderful! I cannot WAIT until the empty nest strikes the Pettersson home!!! You rock!!!, especially, Glen, because for 2 years i was responsible for having the Dave Clark headsets repaired for EWR airport!

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