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Ah, yes, it's so good to take care of yourself! Crazy week here too last week---and busy, busy weekend---good job working on your goals! Inspirational :), I want to do the same :)!

Your journal looks great so colorful and I love your handwriting!

Hi Michelle -
Still following your blog and loving it. Remember me -I was your Valentine. I have been thinking about doing this challenge as well, along with Emily Falconbridge's Deck of Me which I have been doing.I am surprised at how pleased with the result I have been. I find it hard to believe that you need more energy. I was just talking with my husband about how much you and several others girls accomplsih in the week and wondering if there is something wrong with me since I feel really wiped out. Of course I do have almost 20 years on you, but with my daily workouts, I guess I expect to feel more energized. I'll tackle this new challenge and hopefully I too will feel refreshed. I love the fact that your pages are completely handmade with those trusty colored pencils or pencil crayons as Kal Barteski calls them. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing your journal progress as well as your renewed energy.

Lovely, lovely pages, Sweetie. Those are powerful quotes. Glad you're taking care of your body temple :)

In a few days I'll be in Portland! Wheeee!

Glad to know you are pacing yourself. Those dolls are beautiful and i saw a Mountain View address on the site, which is right near moi.

Loving your pages! Wonderful sentiments on them! And I like what you're doing with the technique. Is it the colored pencils?

You are one of the most energetic people I know :) You have always got lots of irons in the fire and projects going on and yet, everthing always turns out fantastic and beautiful!! Can't wait to see the photos from your dollmaking class. Sounds like it was super fun!

I am SO jealous of you going to Art & Soul :) It's right here, practically in our backyard and I can't go. Bummer. Maybe I'll find a way to at least go shopping on vendor night....ah! all the goodies to behold and acquire!

Hi Shell - sorry to hear you had a rough week, but I'm glad you taking care of you. You are precious and don't you ever forget that! I am continually awed by your talent. Your handwriting has always been wonderful, but over the last few years it has surpassed wonderful and slipped right into beautiful! Love you!

good for you! love your journal pages.

OH! Tip...drink Vitamin water! I have been stressed and busy...and that stuff is helping! It's cheap at Costco and Target!
Beautiful pages you posted....just lovely.
You will have SO much fun at Art & you know this time around to be prepared, charged and ready for anything!

You go, Mrs. Geller! I know you can do it!!!

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