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HeeHeee.....this is a hilarious saga! Hurrah for Regina! Now that's real friendship for you :)

Regina rocks! that is the cutest story!

Regina really rocks! She is the best!

That is so cute - I love it!


Well, I am such a sap....I'm sitting here reading this delightful blog entry and I've gotten tears in my eyes. I find it all so heartwarming. Perhaps because, as your lil sis, I am aware of the full impact the Capt had on you when he "stood you up" via the US mail...but obviously so did everyone else. This story personifies all that is good in this world! Thank you, Regina, for your kindness to my dear sister.

Regina is a honey for sure. But this whole saga is...well...just...crazy funny.

What a cool story! This is virtual healing!

what a super little story!
i love stuff like that...


did you make the meatloaf?

was just wondering...

I laughed out loud and the kids came running to find out what was so funny!
Anything for a friend and a SEESTER! Hugs from Sweden!

The Captain makes Meatloaf now?? :)

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