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On this subject you and I are two peas in a pod! I love my containers so much, for their intrinsic qualities, and their potential to organize my stuff. Often I end up with more containers than I know what to do with! They are all cute, though :)

OMG, just seeing your things makes me happy!!! I need organizing stuff like yours w/the stuff I have.

ohh i enjoyed looking at all the pictures and i really like some of your've got so much to store and you managed to arranged them neatly.

oh, Michelle, I love this post! It is so many things to find out from your craty room. I envy you!
I love the "Hold Dear" sign on the shelf there!

Those photos brought a tear to my eye! That is pure loveliness...a sight to behold and I envy you...(sob)

well if there was a storage queen title I think it would go to you!

Oh gosh, just juicy! That's what I have to say. All the storage and eyecandy is juicy!!

i love the variety of storage that you have! i wish there were some cool antique places around here to find things like those metal drawers!

wow! can i come over and play? : )

I was hoping you would post at sf this week :) I've loved the little glimpses of your craft supplies and their houses you've posted previously and was dying to see more :) Your storage containers are so creative and so awesome! I think your studio must like a candy store with lots of sweet treasures to find and nice surprises to be amazed by in every drawer!

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