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Off topic....that new picture of you on the side is SO adorable I could scream.
On topic:....FABULOUS book. Aren't Moms the best? You seem to be the very mom that you describe your mother as being. I LOVED that today at the shop you so calmly said that Miranda was "in" with the clowns. You know....we all need to be "IN" with some clowns in our's part of the FULL CIRCLE.
Cheers to more productive creative working days WITHOUT having the flu!!!!!

This is a beautiful tribute to your mom. I like this post a lot! Ohhh I am missing my mother-she died years ago.

MMMmmmmmmm.... pork chops.......

love the tribute to your mom! great inspiration book!

I love the book, made especially wonderful because of all of the influence Moms give us, whether we know it or not.

I can only hope to be half the Mom that your's is! sometimes it is surprising to hear my children make a reference to something I did or said. When my son was in HS, he wrote about his hero and surprisingly, it was me!. Your art is just amazing and thanks for the great read! Lisa

It seems one hears far more about mothers who don't seem to live up to their daughter's expectations, it's so nice to hear about a great mother/daughter relationship. I feel the same way about my mom - she's quirky, certainly not perfect, but inspiring in so many ways and I always knew she loved me beyond anything. I really lucked out.

well I really like where that post took you! how cool.

What a great and inspiring tribute... and a wonderful way to open an Inspiration Book. Maybe I need something like that... heaven knows I'm totally uninspired lately.

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