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I love this post! I am so touched that you take your mom as the ART TRIBUTE ! She is such a lovely but strong woman! No wonder you said so much good things about her.
This IB will be great after you adding more pages about your artist life!

PS it seems that I missed so many good posts for the past week...I scrolled down and saw Andrea's picture in the another post. Can't wait to see what's going on between you girls!

Our Mom really IS a glorious lady, which your descriptions aptly and beautifully demonstrate.
Thank you for this today!

Our Mommy......I LOVE her!! She always has been, and always will inspiration, my source of comfort, my co-hort in word knowledge, my sounding board, my hero and my best friend. I would love to be even half the woman our Mom is. And yes, there's the fudge thing too...not to mention the best pork chops I have ever tasted in my entire life. My dear sisters, we have won the Mommy lottery!!

I concur with Renee, thank you so much for this post, and for how beautifully you gave our MommyWommy some very well-deserved kudos!!

I love both of these pages,especially the giant card? PLEASE Don't throw anything away! Put it in an envelope and when it is full address it to me! I have spent over $300 dollars this year raking people ( with contributions from my buddy Greta@ me-ocracy! Thanks for using Mommy, too!

This is so lovely. You're lucky to have such an inspiring role model. No wonder you turned out so good :)

That sure is a great tribute to your mom. Really's important to have a family who supports you. It makes you stronger and happier.
PS: I did something like you too, an inspiration book on color combinations from magazines, it's so much fun, I didn't expected to be like that. So enjoy working on yours!

Awww, you are going to make your Momma cry! What a sweet, sweet post---lovely book too---I need to do something like that instead of filing everything away where I never see it.

Your mom sounds totally and completely awesome. And you can tell her I said so :)

Well, well, I think I have just the "what nots" you could use! Book looks beautiful!

Michelle, this is just gorgeous. Your book is beautiful, and what a lovely tribute to your mom. What a lucky girl, what a lucky mama.
PS: for the record, your stomach-flu proved to be far more productive than mine! : )

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