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I enjoyed your sunflowers! I'm loving my summer but can't wait for the cool of the fall :)

Ah, sunflowers! Love them!! We have oodles of sunflowers in our garden again this year---sweet volunteers that they are---and oodles of tomatoes too! It's truly a good tomato summer this year. Speaking of fairs, we're debating about going to the state fair this year, only because Eliza & I are enamored by Josh Turner, a twangy country singer with a too-die-for-deep-voice. We think it'd be fun to embrace our inner cowgirls & go play when he comes to the fair...

oh I do love a garden tour, thanks for sharing!

The scary thing is although I've never had one, I know I would love a porkchop on a stick! :)

I understand about the tomatoes. Ten years ago, I had a veggie garden in my backyard and every single time I would go out there to gather strawberries, there would not be a ripe berry in sight. However, I always found a sticky, red mouthed, curly headed five year old boy near by!!!

oooohhhh that foood!!! I'll eat it all!!

yep that summer alright the garden and the flowers.

it all looks so good.... hope you don't have any late night visitors coming by to pick some of that bounty...wink wink. I realllllly love basil and tomatoes

What beautiful pictures of your garden. The sunflower at the fair was my fav.

gorgeous pics! hey, i didnt tell plucked a little basil for me as i left last weekend, it smelled delicious so i put it in water like a flower when i got home and used it in my meatloaf a couple days later, yummy!

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