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You Rock! Congratulations on your nominations, well deserved :)

Oh, My, Gosh!!! I totally had that tissue compact thingy!!! My Granny gave it to me (can't remember why or the occasion)! Same exact color, starbursts & jewels on top---I can still feel those jewels as I run my fingers over the top... Crazy! If I remember right it's kinda fragile... (at least I'm pretty sure I broke it---top from bottom) But I think the mirror part I used for years & years (that didn't break!) Have fun with your finds! Am always amazed how cool they look displayed in your photos.

I love the wooden word dice so much i could just swim in a tub of them - kinky huh? lol

And YES, i agree those invitations look extremely familiar even before I read you wondering if those could have been the very ones used for Nicole's baby shower.

And ooh ooh, LOVE the compact in the package, oh what fun! That is what I always loved about junking/thrifting. I see it as a walk through my past, looking for lost remnants and reminders of my little-girlhood and youth.

Hey, I think those ARE the same invitations to Renee's (Nicole's) baby shower, if not, they are extremely similar. I remember a baby being cradled in a basket/stork beak/something.

Oh, and Michelle, I love your new blog photo, of your kindergarten picture. You are still as sweet as that little face implies....and did you know that Rylie has your smile? When she smiles she reminds me so much of that photo of you....with that same little sweet smile that melts this ol' Grandma's heart!

Wow,you always find the great stuff on your Goodwill. What an awesome find and congratulations on your rockin' blogger award

Wow! I NEVER find good stuff like that at the Goodwill.......Maybe I had better go more often!!!!

As awarded, you are the nicest.
Now, about the "Dirty Words" game. I have never seen one. Was that from the thrift trip too? And now are there really really dirty words? And well then since you didn't show them are still nice.

Yah for the GW Boutique. Lol. I've found some of the best antique "crafting supplies" there too!
I'm drooling over the cream colored flowers though!

you ARE a rockin girl! woohoo~!

call me anytime you want to hit goodwill and dont feel like going alone. i have never ever been to the beaverton goodwill yet, shocking I know!

What finds!!! Those dirty word cubes...too funny!

My Goodwill does not have such fabulous finds!

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