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Do I Spy some Martha glitter letter stickers on that beautiful work of art?

It looks pretty!

Been there and done that...more than once. Let me tell you, the crown, well it might be gold or it might be silver or it might be white precious porcelain but it does not make you a queen.
Cause you are already a queen....

And to answer Claudine's question, who is one of Martha Stewart's "Trusted Bloggers," yes, those are Martha's glitter letters!" Good eye! :-)

Fabulous journal. It came together great. As far as the dentist I've also been there and done that. Not any fun at all.
Melissa :)

Lovely Journal, Dahling! You're WAY ahead of me.

Let me commiserate with you now about your dental saga. WHIIIIINE!

"Minty People"....I like that :)

Love the Silver Bella journal...I supposed I better make one too! I know I'll wish I did if i don't! I'm counting down the days!! xo natalea

Loving that journal! What a wonderful idea! And great color combo that you picked :)

Dental problems -- no fun. Hope all your teeth are happy soon!

Oh, crumb! I was going to invite you to come join the paper dress swap I'm hosting (my first time as swap hostess!), but I saw that you're already in one. I didn't know there was another dress swap going on. What are the odds? If you feel like making 2 more dresses, feel free to stop by the blog :)

Uh, Hello!~ I love it!!!I needed to see this post because I have been wondering if signing up for Silver Bella was a mistake...lots going on, no extra money, my mind feels like it is going to crash at any minute...but seeing the sparkle reminded me of why I am going, that and to meet people like you!!!

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