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Yes, I totally saw your name and I had to look twice to make sure it was you and then when I clicked on the link, it is you!!! I subscribe to scrapscene and was just happened to be reading it and saw your name, we have a celebrity!!!! Yay, Love it! I also love your journal! Have a great time!

you are a supahstar! have a great weekend and tell us ALL about it when you get back!

A Girls Weekend? How lovely is that on a scale?! I'm looking for a job and can't travel or do anythning like that right now Can't wait to see your photos.

And the TTD-book sounds great, I need one! I do write lists all the time, one even in my post today!

Yes a big WHOO-HOO for you on all counts.
Your TTD book is fab. Can't wait to see what you do in the weekend workshop. I'm day dreaming about being there.

How exciting to be going to Anahata's workshop! I'm jealous. I also like how colorful your notes are. Hope you have a great time this weekend!

I LOVE your TTD book is so you, so colorful, so organized, so easy on the eyes, and downright pretty! I have a TTD book too, however mine is more like chickenscratch with a little non-legible shorthand thrown in, and usually there is diet Coke ring on every other page. Plus......I also make lists to remind myself of lists to make. Are we related, or what??

Hope you have a great girlie weekend, I love you and look forward to your pictures from the weekend.

great ideas for keeping lists!

Wish I knew about your trip to Ashland sooner, I'd have pressured you to stop by on your way home!! Cool TTD journal---I should learn from you and do the same---I'm one of those that tears pieces off envelopes, grabs a post-it, a strip of junk mail, magazine hang-tag or anything nearby for my to-do list... then lose them almost immediately, only to find it days later stuffed into a pocket... Have a great weekend!

You are a lucky one!!! Have a great time and can't wait to see all you have to share when you return.

Come visiting a little later because I have something to share...THANK YOU!!!!

I CANNOT WAIT to hear all about your class. I'm sure you're having a blast. Lucky girl!!!

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