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Thank you for sharing this! I really love this idea and it is great for art journaling too. Looks messy and fun! Come on over to my blog too for a visit and enter a giveaway!

Making a mess - my favorite type of art. It's amazing how everyone comes up with such unique new ideas.

I'd love to make a house looking page some day, how great that you could you use the inks too! thanks for sharing

I'd never heard of fatbooks before. I think it's going to take me a month to recover from all these fabulous ideas!!! Thanks for the tutorial, I'll come back for more!

These are beautiful and so inspiring I can't wait to try it out too. Thank you for sharing!

The pages look beautiful. I have never seen a 'fatbook', and now you have made me really curious...

that was so fun and messy. thanks for sharing and being artful.

So beautiful! Definitely reminds me of finger painting. Messy is so much fun!

These are fabulous. I enjoyed your mess.

Fabulous post and instructions, I am itching to start using inks now!!!

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