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I lust for those paints! And I don't even know how to paint... I could learn... if only to hold such things of beauty in my hands.

I would'na paid no attention to the Sunday hair if you had'na told me not to.
You both are so cute. So nice to have a swap'in buddy right close by.

Andrea looks like such a nice person, and YOU my dear, you always look Beautiful :)

egads, sunday hair! but i sure am holding dear (heehee) those wooden spools that you know I love so much! i had such a lovely time at your house, the 2 and 1/2 hours flew by and could have just hung out in your studio all day! :)

THAT giftie is better than my Maya RoadRAK! PULEEZE come and visit me!

hee hee...your Sunday hair looked much better than mine on Sunday

I visited Shari's blog and her paintings are gorgeous! Another blog that I have to subscribe!

PS I envy you girls! You must have a lot of fun... Happy hours with cratfy friend!

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