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Oh! I love this...will try it out soon :)

That's so Cool! Those are powerful phrases that you chose.

We had a full moon up here last night too :) I didn't know about the eclipse, though.

Automatic Poetry is a good thing. I didn't have to set my alarm to see the lunar eclipse, I was already up getting back from a concert I needed some wind down time and by the time I was finished winding down the time had come. It was an amazing sight.


I regret not knowing about the lunar eclipse until today and missed it totally.

As for the poetry, it is beautiful! But I, being so literal and obsessive, probably interpret lines differently than others may. Although, it is the right way for me. The phrase "How many voyages seek the road back and never catch up" is my life story.

But the first one really is for me: In 3 or 4 months I may have a new plastic hip. The plastic chairs and table sitting unmoved on my small patio for at least two years will be dripping with rain, IF I am lucky. The small rattling noise might be from my hip, or just the usual loose marbles in my head. The roar of rock music will be when I am happy enough to blast Abba music throughout the house. Not sure of the rest of this; however, I do have small bird figurines that certainly shower me with bursts of charm everytime I look at them.

Beautiful words that evoke wisps of memories forgotten, references to future dreams and hopes....that is why people believe fortune tellers who read tea leaves, because they themselves will always bring their own interpretations to what you say. You have inherited that gift, I think.

I like your cut & paste poem best! We set the alarm for something painful last night & dragged ourselves out of bed to watch the lunar eclipse on our front porch. Took a slew of photos w/my telephoto lense but had focusing issues---maybe one or two not-as-blurry keepers! Just as we got up my youngest came home---she'd been freezing up in a high meadow w/friends watching the eclipse. Glad we saw it!

ohhhh i came up with something similar awhile ago; though not to this extent. I like this idea very very much - collage verbage!

If you like that you really need the fridge poetry! (words on magnets) We've had them for years and still stand there writing poems while deciding what we're having for dinner lol! Yes we have a big electric bill from standing there with the door open with only half our mind on dinner and the other half on the outside of the door with poetry.

I so have to try this automatic poetry thing. Love it.

And the moon, yeah, she's been particularly beautiful this month, hasn't she! I stayed up for the eclipse and got some pretty good photos of it - put them up on my blog if you want to take a peek.

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