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I just can't wait to hear all about it and better yet to see your show and tell.

So glad you had a great time! Can't wait to hear and see more. So glad you met Cassondra too. She is just amazing!!!

I absolutely love Cassondra's work. Never met her but have seen her artwork on Flickr. Oh please do talk her into getting a blog. She makes the most beautiful things!

It sounds like a Magnificent art-empowering experience :)

Hi Michelle! Glad to see you made it home safe and sound. Wasn't this weekend just so great, meeting so many talented ladies was so inspiring! And I am so glad I got to meet you, I have been admiring your blog from afar, you are so talented, your paintings this weekend were amazing!!! Let's keep in touch since your not that far away in Portland. Take care.

so fun checking out what's happening here - love the house fat book pages - I did some houses today too!

xox - eb.

Hi Michelle: a new reader here. I read your lovely remarks on Ali Edwards "back to school traditions" post and wanted to tell you just how much I appreciate that idea. Just great. Thanks so much. Molly

What a lovely color blue this is, Michelle! Can't wait to see the pix of your trip.

Yes, yes..YES to everything you said about the wonderful Anahata's class!!! Just meeting all the beautiful women there would have been enough....but we got to learn so much too!!! Isn't Anahata jus the most darling person ever? And her Mom! Great team.


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