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Sounds like a fun adventure! I love how your artwork turned out!

Erica in ABQ

Hi Michelle,
What a great artsified weekend. And Ashland does look completely charming. Thank you for sharing your experience, and your goodies!

Oh that I could've been there! Looks like a perfectly idyllic journey. Love that room you had your class in.

Look at that huge spool of baker's string!

Great post, honey :)

oh my GOD! What an awesome trip! Everything- I guess I am a city slicker too...what a dork. The pictures are amazing, the art you made- amazing...the STUFF! AMAZING!! I think EVERYONE should quit their jobs. Crimany- I did it. So can you. Ok...time to settle down. I am so awe-struck this morning reading abotu this to check out Anahata's book! :)

Love it all. Did you buy that HUGE thing of red and white twine there, too? I'm feeling envy coming on. Great blog!

Sounds like a great time, and I think ALL your works are fabulous!
Going to check out Anahata's site.

You know we are long lost sisters right? I love her work! You are so lucky to be able to take her classes. Your pieces turned out amazing! I have purchased a lot of her stuff from her website in the past and love every little thing! What a fun giveaway.

Looks like you had an awesome time. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

WOW!! You are so lucky to have went to Anahata's class!!! WONDERFUL stuff!!

Please add me in the giveaway pot...thank you!!


Wow, what a lot of great photos! Your weekend story is so rich with details---and the photos completely illustrate your fun! Loved your goat picture---laughed at the kids (children's) reaction to your photo request :). Isn't Ashland fun? Last time we were there it was for a soccer tournament (in Medford but we stayed in Ashland). It was so fun wandering around town and like mentioned above we too discovered a fabulous breakfast at the Morning Glory cafe. The view from your hotel parking lot looks like something I'd choose to paint! I also love the vintage check from Albany---especially how the shop address is listed as First & Sherman St. rather than a number! The artwork you produced is amazing! Looks like a lot of new techniques, fun and play went into them. Where did you get the photos used in them? From your own stash or were they provided? The one with the little girl & dove is so sweet! Such Fun!! Thanks :)

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