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soooo fun !! looks like a blast !!! thanks so much for sharing would love to be in your give away !!

What a lovely journey - thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

Wow! What beautiful scenery, and the art and people look so fun!! A wonderful way to spend time...learning and meeting new people~

I miss you too, baby sister and you are SO cute as you sit proudly displaying your GORGEOUS creations. I will have to borrow that photo for my blog sometime if you don't mind.

do you know what you and i have in common? we're always reading the same books! i love ariel gore, and i own the i ching, and i own atlas of the human heart, and we were both reading eat pray love at the same time, and then you brought me to foolsgold!!
i love that! you're not only my bloggy pal, but you're my booky pal too!
and by the wAY, i love # 3. so freakin pretty!

Thanks for sharing that exciting adventure with us. I enjoyed all the photos and I'm glad that you had such a wonderful time.

The pieces you created are FANTASTIC!!!!

What a fun week and thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos and write up. The artwork you create is wonderful, especially the one your feet are on top of. :)

Love thelabels toooo sweeet! Count me in!

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