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What a lovely adventure you had there. We've got a couple of old covered bridges here in Georgia that are truly delightful.

You certainly had a great adventure indeed. So nice and picturesque.

Your work is awesome.

wow! what an amazing adventure. and look how your art is maturing! michelle, those pieces are stunning!!!!

Hi! Love all the photos that you shared with us!! Lots of fun.
Cheryl KVD

Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.

Your trek was wonderful. And the telling of it supper. But, I want to see an up-close of the other two pieces. Pleeeease. They seem equally as wonderful as your favorite.

Ashland is a wonderful place to visit! If you didn't have breakfast at the Morning Glory Cafe (across the street from campus), you MUST stop there next time. Excellent, organic food, cool art on the walls, funky, and wonderful. Their blueberry hazelnut pancakes with lemon zest is to die for. Glad you had a great trip.

Oh my heavens, I feel like I lived vicariously through this post. Thank you, I really, really needed to read this.

What a fun weekend you had Shell. Your narrative was so good, I almost felt like I was there with you in person (although technically I was there with you in spirit). I love the pic of the goats in front of the country store. You have a very photographic eye. I would have looked at that as smelly goats in the back of a truck....but you saw the art in it, and it turned out wonderful. You inspire me!

WOW. What an Awesome trip you had. You do great art work. Such inspiration.

Melissa :)

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