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Look at the cute kitty! Is that box as seriously huge as it looks? It certainly does look artsy :)

I *heart* Explosions in the Sky. Do you like Godspeed you black emperor, too?

And the cats are far too cute for their own good.

I think that Atticus needs a female friend from Sweden! Let me send you Trassel and see how it works out!

OMG, look at that beautiful artwork on that box, Artsymama would surely love this!!! Nice, that Atticus has a playmate!

What fun for Atticus! Our Furley keeps inviting racoons in to eat... we were gone for 4 days and found lots of fat racoon prints by his food dish... think I'd prefer a little cat friend...!

you ARE busy...making all this art for all of these fun projects!!

So many interesting things on your blog!!! You seem to be a very buisy and talented, crafter / artist!!!

Ohhhhh....I want to squeeze those kitties!!! How cute!

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