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You are the best Michelle that ever one does Michelle as well as you, and no one could ever be you (although I'm sure a lot of us try!). Whenever I see someone trying to be you I always like to say to them...."I know Michelle Lorraine, and YOU my friend are no Michelle Lorraine".

That's a good way to think about your art. It's so true. I need to remind myself of this next time I get down on my style.

Great insight...we are all unique, thanks for putting that into words!

AND Hold Deaf....oh, dear, that's hysterical!

Beautiful Michelle!!! Just beautiful. So well said and I am happy to hear that your reaction to that concept was similar to my own!! Isn't it awesome?!
I like the term Hobbyist, I'm one, too. Art is my hobby!! :-D

LOL Yes, you've gotta make the best of what you've got. If you don't stay positive and appreciate your life, who will? :)

Dearest Michelle: Yes, you are a wonderful hobbyist; however, you ARE also an Artist Extraorinaire!! About looking back, at my age I try not to do so, because as the late great Satchel Paige once said, "Don't look back, somethin' might be gainin' on you."

It's certainly a harmonious practise, in incorporating one's mistakes and progress, and embracing them all :)

Well said, Mrs geller! I am happy that through this hobby of us that I met you and Lilli!

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